Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Wish You Were Here?

Only mad dogs and English men
go out in the mid-day sun,
with hankies on their head
and tattoos on their bum.

Boiled pink lobsters
dominate the landscape,
with warm beer and rowdy cheer
I bet you wish
you were here.

Only two days to go
of the UK summer window,
perfect weather for Pokemon Go
time to fire up the BBQ
and flame grill a pikachu.

Biscuit: Chocolate Chip cookies
Taste test:  9.8 out of 10
Cost: From Lidl. 4 for £1. Thanks Anita!

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

No longer in the pink

We're no longer in the PINK
we're sitting on the brink
watching the UK sink
Politicians of every shade
are stepping aside
when we need them the most
they're all off to hide
Have they no pride?
For the BLUE team
Cameron's gone off in a huff
whilst the RED shadow cabinet
have disappeared in a puff
Farage's reached the end
of his PURPLE reign
Will he ever be seen again?
BLACK hearted Gove
stabbed Boris in the back
now he's moved on
to give the leadership a crack
The future is certainly not bright
our colourful world
is turning BLACK and WHITE
We need a RAINBOW or
a bright YELLOW sun
come on, sort it out
this just isn't fun!

Biscuit: Pink Panther Wafers
Taste test:  8 out of 10
Cost: Gift from Lee

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Things that give us joy

The nation's in meltdown,
our collective mood is dark.
but will the future really be so stark?

We need optimism in a heavy dose
here's a joyous list to make you feel less morose.

Things that give us joy
Feeding elephants
Swimming in the sea
Reading a good book
A pink glittery scooter
Walks in the sunshine
The cinema
Smell of freshly cut grass
Proper summer
Baby animals
Raw carrots
Smell of coffee
Adrenalin endorphins

Biscuit: Tuscan Shortbread Crescents Dipped in Chocolate
Taste test:  9 out of 10
Cost: From Tuscany

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Don't Forget To Vote!

Rich and Nutty
like Mr Johnson,
he wants us
to leave the EU,
do you?

Are you in or out?
Or do you shake it all about?
Everyone's confused
of that there is no doubt.

It's either Farage's barrage
of xenophobia,
or the Fat Cats and bureaucrats
(and not forgetting expats),
who have a lot to gain if we remain.

Where's the truth?
There's so much uncertainty
from every party,
experts are dismissed as liars
and we're inundated with misleading flyers.
There's so much at stake,
it's the biggest decision we'll make.

So think long and hard
when you go with your polling card,
vote with your gut feeling
not just with what sounds appealing.

Biscuit: Rich and Nutty Peanut Cookies
Taste test:  8.9 out of 10
Cost: From Tesco in Brockenhurst - made in the EU!

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Darkness Descends

Why do people administer
acts of darkness,
so abhorrent and sinister?

Last week football hooligans intent on violence,
succeeded in clouding the Euros in stunned silence.
Across the water innocent clubbers were felled,
by a rampant gunman on the road to hell.

Each week the headlines are more bleak,
we can't go on turning the other cheek
whilst a constant stream of extreme factions,
carry out senseless, brutal activity.

Wars have been fought over less,
why is the world in such a mess?

Biscuit: Loacker Gran Pasticceria Dark Hazlenut
Taste test:  9.9 out of 10
Cost: From Waitrose in Lymington

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

R.I.P. Muhammad Ali

The Louisville Lip
always quick with a quip
he floated like a butterfly
stung like a bee
always voicing his opinions lyrically

Boxing wasn't his only fight
he also fought for human rights
he was conditioned to win
not to kill
he refused to go to war
against  his will

Ali had a rumble in the jungle
and a thriller in Manila
knocking out George Foreman
calling Joe Fraser a gorilla

A heavy weight champ
who championed his race
and fought for a world
where everyone had their place

His bout with Parkinson's
was his hardest ever
three decades long
an unwinnable endeavour

Rest in peace Muhammad Ali

Biscuit: Sweet Biscuit Assortment
Taste test:  7 out of 10
Cost: From Sainsbuy's in Southampton

Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Good Old Days?

Were the good old days
really that wonderful?
Or are false memories
causing the heartstrings to pull?

Was the music that much better?
Did the winters demand a sweater?
Were there really lots of jobs,
neighbours friendly, without dangerous dogs?
Are people now acting like drones
spending all day on their mobile phones?
Were the phones not so congested?
Were our children more seldom tested?
Did we not depend on technology,
but used our brains as they're meant to be?
Were 3 channels quite enough?
Today they're watching rubbish stuff.

Are those days we're really missing?
Or are we sentimentally reminiscing?
When our thoughts become regressive
maybe we should eat a Tuckey's digestive.

Biscuit: Tuckey's Proper Digestives
Taste test:  5 out of 10
Cost: From Waitrose in Lymington