Thursday, 15 June 2017

Some People

This week we participated in a New Forest Arts Festival outdoor poetry workshop run by poet Mark Rutter.
Here's one of the poems we wrote, it's inspired by nature.

Some people get struck by lightning
Others are struck by its beauty
Some people are rash criticising nettles
Others enjoy a cup of healthy nettle tea
Some people despise arachnid beasts
Others know their webs catch insect feasts
Some people's eyes itch exposed to pollination
Others get that without it there would be no creation.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Summer Fantasy

Spirits lifted by the sun
Ice creams melting one by one
Cocktails chilling in that shade
I'll make you a lemonade
Lemon floating in my drink
In the sun, skin's all pink
Afternoon nap beneath palm trees
Night arrives with a cool breeze

Love is in the air
Everlasting euphoria everywhere
Memories to cherish over winter time
Oh we've had enough of this rhyme
Nothing is ever this sublime!

Biscuit: White chocolate and Sicilian Lemon all butter biscuits
Taste test: 8 out of 10
Cost: £1.75 from Waitrose in Portswood

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Butter or Marge: The real deal or the substitute

Election time and the politicians are here,
Buttering us up with their smooth, slick talk.
They deserve less than a pat on the head.
They tell us we’ll be in Clover
And you butter believe them.

We need an Anchor in these troubled times,
A Stork to deliver the NHS,
But what we hear is a Lurpak of empty promises
And a Country Life of hunting foxes.

The media’s misinformation is like Flora,
Easily spread, or like Bertolli,
Olive oil on troubled waters.
But voting is a contract, for butter or worse.

These lines have been inspired
By a banana and butterscotch nationalist,
A chocolate chump and pecan Nuttall,
Who’s ginger and rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb.
Those politicians, they all take the buttery biscuit.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Kitchen Appeal

Let's hope everyone will pitch in
'Cos we really need a new kitchen
The old one's not very good looking
We've got no room to do the cooking

We desperately want something finer
Quick let's find a designer
The tea station is moving to keep us calm
And a lovely new cooker won't set off the alarm

The existing fridge is really quite old
We need a new one to keep our food cold
The dishwasher has seen better days
It's time to start a new culinary phase

A smart new kitchen will sparkle and shine
And make our cooking taste even more divine!

We need to raise £6000 for a new kitchen, to donate please go to:

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Undigested Indecision

Doctor, Doctor we have a serious case of indecision
over 900 channels on the television
we're always being bombarded by the media
with all the choices they want to feed ya

Day to day, so many voices
offering up so many choices
time for us to digress
let's get out of this mess

Life needs to be simplified
the important things should be prioritised
support the things that matter
get rid of the useless clutter

Make sure you make the right call
these decisions may affect us all.

Biscuit: Orange Digestive Biscuits
Taste test: 9 out of 10
Cost: £1 from Tesco in New Milton

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A to Z of Brain Injury

A is for aneurysm - that's mindblowing
B is for brain injury, the invisible disability
C is for cerebral cortex, our grey matter
D is for dysphasia that hampers communication
E is for emotional change and never feeling the same again
F is for forgetful, often forgetting what you want to say
G is for glial cells that glue the brain together
I is for inhibitions lost
J is for journey towards recovery
K is for knowledge, learning about brain injury
L is for long term condition
M is for memory, who am I?
N is for neurons - 100 billion in your brain
O is for occipital lobe that controls your vision
P is for personality that can change in an instant
Q is for questioning your own sanity
R is for rehabilitation of your mental situation
S is for sensory impairment, sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch
T is for temporal lobe that is all about communication
U is for uncertainty about your future
V is for victory, surviving a brain injury
X if for all the x-rays to be endured
Y is for why me?
Zzzzz is for the never ending fatigue.....

Biscuit: Kex
Taste test: 9 out of 10
Cost: £1.15 from Ikea in Southampton

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

A Weird World

The world has turned weird.
Everyone’s growing a beard.
The world has turned weird
And it’s worse than we feared.
The world has turned weird.
Trump, the new messiah has appeared
The world has turned weird.
Way off course it’s careered.
Once presidents persuaded and steered.
Now they’re sneered at and jeered.
Politician’s names are smeared
As to their claims they have not adhered.
The world has turned weird.
Common sense has disappeared.
The world has turned weird,
Upside down and North Koreaed.
It’s so sad that we’re reduced to a sneer.
So much better if we learned to love and not to fear.

Marlene’s Clotted Cream
Shortbread from Exmouth