Tuesday, 4 February 2020

Word Up

We’ve been asked for one word 
To encapsulate and articulate 
What is great about Headway 
A random choice to give us a voice 
To express and convey  
Our emotional attachment to Headway 
Word up: 

Tuesday, 17 December 2019


Carols by candlelight,
Ho ho ho the elves are packing with all their might,
Roasting chestnuts by the firelight,
It's in sight,
Santa's sleigh,
This festive night,
Midnight mass - let's hope there's no drunken fights,
Angels give reindeer carrots to bite,
See the children - faces full of delight

Merry Christmas to one and all from everyone at Headway Southampton.

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Only the cutting of the grass is the same as before

Only the cutting of the grass is the same as before,
Everything else has changed now,
from getting to places, to sports,
The extra maths tone to my life is faded now,
But love still blooms in my heart forever.
Imagine I was riding a bicycle down Winchester Road,
I took a wrong turn down Station Road and it is after it has rained.
Life is considerably more energy intensive now,
But the love I live with now gives my life a glow
I have good friends here, who I know inside out... I think
well almost,
I still get the same buzz from sports and cooking,
or keeping a tidy garden (raking).

By Jegan

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Fireworks Loop de Loop

Lock up your cats and dogs
and be mindful of hedgehogs
in your bonfire logs,
once again it's that
time of year,
when the fire brigade
are full of fear;
catherine wheels,
bangers, sparklers
and rockets,
don't put fireworks
in your pockets!
Are you going
to a firework party?
Here's some food
to keep you hearty:
sausage on a spit,
mugs of tomato soup,
spuds in foil,
whilst watching fireworks
loop de loop!

PS Olly's safety advice:
Remember fireworks cannot be tamed,
keep at arms length or you will be maimed!

Tuesday, 29 October 2019

Japanese Rugby

Our boys in white put up a fight
to stop the All Blacks in their tracks,
They performed a Haka but we invented rugby
So we made a human V - a V for victory!
On the field we weren't prancing or morris dancing,
we were scoring tries and advancing.
Now only the Springboks stand in our way,
C'mon let's lift the world cup trophy on Saturday.

Tuesday, 15 October 2019


What is a pomelo?
Not to be confused with a pedalo,
It looks like the offspring of
a grapefruit and an orange
the Frankenstein of fruits,
a botanical chimera.

It's the sized of a football,
with far less bounce,
brimming with Vitamin C
in every ounce,
It's pith is an inch thick,
if you eat it you will be sick.

Pomelo tastes a bit sour,
Jegan's not keen,
he finds the flavour obscene.
It originates from Asia
and now found in Totton,
don't keep it too long
or it will go rotten!

Monday, 14 October 2019

Daddy Long Legs

Every Autumn in the rainy season
Crane flies appear,
it's that time of year.
They fly in your face,
get caught in your hair,
for the squeamish
they are a source of despair!

What is their purpose?
What are they for?
Quite frankly
we'd like to keep them outdoors.

Spiders catch them in their webs
whilst children sit
and remove their legs
Daddy Long Legs or Mosquito Hawks
without their legs they just can't walk!