Thursday, 28 September 2017

Fragments: An assortment of poetic definitions

Biscuit Poets at Headway
celebrate national poetry day.

To us poetry means an active brain
a chance to quip, quibble and complain.

Poetry means camaraderie
a friendship like Laurel and Hardy.

A time to reflect and collaborate
to contemplate our mental state.

Poetry is linguistic exploration
a time for relaxation.

Our group gives motivation
for unique verbal creation.

Poetry means Roger McGough
Wordsworth and loads of other stuff.

Poetry means Pam Ayres
the story of her teeth that she so often shares.

Poetry is our sugar rush,
the flow of words that sometimes makes us blush.

Written by our self-styled misfits
grazing on broken biscuits.

Poetry is an opportunity to learn
a Tuesday session to which we return.

Poetry means lines that rhyme
but with us not quite every time.

A verbal bonanza
written in some strange stanza.

Poetry is the calm in the storm
a break from the humdrum norm.

So for us the 28th September
is a day to remember
for the nation's celebration
of so much poetic exhilaration.

Biscuits: Box of Broken Biscuits
Taste test: 8 out of 10
Cost: A gift

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Tosh and Piffle

At Headway we're not averse,
to speaking tosh and nonsensical verse.
Twaddle, gobbledigook, bunkum and double dutch,
we speak them all fluently with a very fine touch

Yet the posh speak tosh to impress,
littering their language with dross to excess.
Whilst Trump slates all the news as phoney,
and runs the White House by tweeting baloney.

Codswallop, gibberish, drivel and tripe,
ignore the tosh speakers - don't believe their hype.
Tommyrot and hyperbole creating a fug
close your ears it's all just humbug!

Biscuit: Tosh chocolate and hazelnut biscuits
Taste test: 9.8 out of 10
Cost: Gift from Costa Rica

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Back to Skool

We are sitting comfortably
so we'll begin,
let's go through the round window,
and see what delights it has to show.

Look, the nation's children wait,
with anticipation and elation at the school gate.
It's back to skool for all,
welcome back assembly in the hall,
new teachers and timetables,
new class mates and name labels.

First lesson - double maths,
with not that many laffs!
Watching the clock hands go round,
waiting for the bell to sound.

Summer is over and it's time to knuckle down,
put on your school pullover,
replace your smile with a frown,
or just take on your new role as class clown.

Biscuit: Jammy Wheels
Taste test: 7 out of 10
Cost: 34p from Lidl