Tuesday, 18 December 2018

It's all about circles

One footed turtles
always swim in circles,
if you like going round and round
you'll feel sublime
on the Circle line,
in the EU starry circle
you're sure to find Angela Merkel,
if you want to raise objects vertical
contact the Magic Circle,
when in a knitting circle group
careful you don't drop a loop,
everyone's a member of the circle of life
we all have our share of happiness and strife,
were crop circles caused by UFOs
or was it farmers with planks and hoes?
we're a friendship circle within a poetry group
eating biscuits, sharing rhymes and feeling cock-a-hoop!

Biscuits: Family Circle
Tasting Notes: Familiar. Thank you Cami for bringing them in.
Score:  7 out of 10

Tuesday, 11 December 2018


Everywhere you look there's a Christmas Market.
If you go in a car there's no where to park it,
travel on foot and 'Alles ist gut',
Drink mulled cider to make you wilder,
and feast on bratwurst until you burst.
The Germans prefer Gluhwein to Mulled wine,
and Stollen to Christmas cake,
mix it altogether and you're sure to get bellyache.
If you can't get to Germany then pop to Aldi and Lidl,
or somewhere in the middle,
wear a Christmas jumper and Lederhosen,
and hang out 'til closing!

Biscuits: Butter Speculatius
Tasting Notes: They transport you to a German Christmas Market!
Score:  7 out of 10

Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Terence Aloysious John Rattigan Brown

Terry is a carpenter, restaurateur and ceiling suspender, 
But most of all a jester and word bender, 
For 17 years he’s attended Headway, 
Entertaining us with a new joke every day (well almost), 
An active poet, wordsmith and artist, 
At our Biscuit Poetry sessions he will be sorely missed, 
He’s off to pastures new, 
To meet new friends in his room with a view, 
He might escape to the pub he must confess, 
Yet he doesn’t drink any more or to be fair any less, 
Goodbye Terry from the bottom of our hearts, 
It won’t be the same when we’re apart, 
Thanks for all the laughs! 

Biscuits: Tesco Lebkuchen
Tasting Notes: German and Christmassy

Score:  7 out of 10