Tuesday, 26 November 2019

Only the cutting of the grass is the same as before

Only the cutting of the grass is the same as before,
Everything else has changed now,
from getting to places, to sports,
The extra maths tone to my life is faded now,
But love still blooms in my heart forever.
Imagine I was riding a bicycle down Winchester Road,
I took a wrong turn down Station Road and it is after it has rained.
Life is considerably more energy intensive now,
But the love I live with now gives my life a glow
I have good friends here, who I know inside out... I think
well almost,
I still get the same buzz from sports and cooking,
or keeping a tidy garden (raking).

By Jegan

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Fireworks Loop de Loop

Lock up your cats and dogs
and be mindful of hedgehogs
in your bonfire logs,
once again it's that
time of year,
when the fire brigade
are full of fear;
catherine wheels,
bangers, sparklers
and rockets,
don't put fireworks
in your pockets!
Are you going
to a firework party?
Here's some food
to keep you hearty:
sausage on a spit,
mugs of tomato soup,
spuds in foil,
whilst watching fireworks
loop de loop!

PS Olly's safety advice:
Remember fireworks cannot be tamed,
keep at arms length or you will be maimed!