Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Cake and Cricket

The contents of
Mick's fridge
are in this cake:
Harrods' strawberry jam,
half a dozen eggs,
Anchor butter
from New Zealand,
home of the Kiwi cricketers
(no hard feelings).

The England team
were jammy,
just like Mick's cake
(which took 2 hours
to bake),
that was a win
we were happy to take,
the cricket went
to a final ball,
and Mick's cake was enjoyed
by one and all!

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Nature Brings Peace and Serenity

I like to stand and look
at waterfalls and babbling brooks
for hours on end
as foliage blends
into the forest's leafy canopy
nature brings peace and serenity
to me

My olfactory sense
is heightened
by the perfumes
of wild blooms
my mind gets lost
in the dampness of the moss

The leaves on the trees
rustle in the breeze
a symphony of birdsong
is music to my ears
I listen to the sound
of the woodpecker's
staccato rap
as it drills for grubs
in the resin and sap

I hug a tree
with all my might
I whisper
I need love not fight
it's nature's haven of security
Oh how I wish I could take it
home with me

By the Biscuit Poetry Group