Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Streets where we live

In life there's many streets
often with potholes to massage your feet!
Jo lived on Windy Willow Way
in the good ole USA,
Martyn resided in a homely abode
downtown on Malmesbury road,
Terry spent years in Spain
and also on Ash Hill lane,
Olly's Mehetaled Road traffic did lack
because it was a cul-de-sac,
Brian's been in Woodlands for half a century
and it's kept it's rural landscape and identity,
Paul's been a lifetime in a close called Laburnum
and he comes to Headway without a frown,
at present Mandy dwells in Thurmond Crescent
which keeps her mood effervescent,
Ormsby Drive is where Jegan resides
round the road is where he used to ride,
In Westfield Road Karl spent his youth
the neighbours were friendly - not aloof,
Our favourite place not to be forgotten
is right here in Commercial Road - Totton!

Biscuits: Hovis digestive biscuits
Tasting Notes: Taste like 'travelling the road to home'
Score:  8 out of 10

Tuesday, 13 November 2018


Many a child's imagination was sparked by Marvel comics
Alter egos Spider-man, Iron Man and the Hulk
Reeked revenge on criminal minds like the Green Goblin
Victorious every time, they left the bad guys to sulk
Evil was overcome, their superhuman feats were mind boggling
Locking baddies behind bars away from society
Leading the way with moral authority
Overcoming maligned and mutated villains who were hated
Unfortunately the marvellous Marvel creator has gone
Stan Lee will always be a superhero, his legacy will never go - who knows he may well play a final cameo....

Biscuits: Cosy wafers from Vietnam
Tasting Notes: MARVELLOUS!!
Score:  5 out of 10

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

What Makes Us Nutty

Banana skins under our feet
Too much traffic on the street
Doggy do on our shoe
makes us swear 'til our faces are blue

Illegal parking in disabled bays
Roadworks sending us different ways
Advert breaks on the box
The washing machine eating our socks

People spitting on the floor
Christmas shopping in the store
Using phones at the dinner table
making others feel unstable

Throwing litter on the grass
Bullies - someone kick their ass!
A Mum being specific about her baby's age
A few random things that make us rage!

Biscuits: Nutty Bites
Tasting Notes: Like bird seed
Score:  5 out of 10