Thursday, 21 December 2017

Our Review of the Year 2017

A Favorina Assortment of Events

Jess, our devoted volunteer
Had her son, Ethan, at the start of the year.

In June, James, Jon, Lee and Katie,
Gary, Mandy, Jen and Jamie
Spent a delightful hour
Enjoying Sister Act at the Mayflower.

Here, Sushma created a nice warm feeling
With each session of her Reiki healing.

We have to thank Aviva Health Care
For heroic acts of garden repair.
In our backyard they cleared the weeds
And planted fresh new seeds.

Paul and Joey too, we must applaud
For their success at the Headway Volunteers’ Award.

Before this, we all tried to pitch in
To buy and fit out our new kitchen.

We’ve learned to draw from new aspects
With our new art tutor, Alex.

In October, our group made a smart getaway
For a fine and dry south coast holiday.

In October too, we said a last goodbye
To our friend, John, cricketer and all-round grand guy.

But we have at least ended the year on a high
With Christmas lunch and another mince pie.

Biscuits: A Favorina Luxury Biscuit Selection from Lidl
Taste test: 10 out of 10
Cost: A gift from Stef

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Nether Netherland

If you're Dutch
you like the fifth of December
very much
it's at day to celebrate and remember

On that day
people scatter biscuits through the house
and give away
presents to each child from Santa Claus

On that day
Santa Claus arrives by boat
over the Zyder Zee
Down the canals of Amsterdam he will float

According to Ruud
Santa's helpers arrive on foot
covered from head to toe in blackened soot

On the next day
Santa leaves for Spain
with every child that's been a pain.

Biscuits: Kruid Noten
Taste test: 7 out of 10
Cost: A Dutch Gift from Ruud

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Truth About Rudolph

Rudolph is the most renowned reindeer in the game
Every other reindeer is envious of his fame
Inebriation may well have led to his nasal rosy glow
Not easy to take off when sloshed in the arctic snow
Donner and Blitzen are always as jealous as hell
Each year they're at the back staring at his tail
Endeavour to deliver gifts despite the foggy night
Red nosed Rudi the sat nav shines his guiding light