Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Think Pink

We're feeling good,
We're in the pink,
Pink champagne we like to drink.
Pink Floyd's our favourite band,
but Mr Blobby we can't stand.
Parker should drive a pink cadillac,
with Lady P sat in the back,
eating pink blancmange with spoons,
whilst watching 1970's Pink Panther cartoons.
Pinky and Perky have high pitched squeals,
pink flamingos scoff krill with their beaks.
Don't you find pink candyfloss gets in your hair,
blending in nicely with the pink rinse there?
Whilst pink Hubba Bubba blows a perfect bubble,
but if it pops on your nose you're in trouble.
Run Race4Life and you'll get a pink face,
raise funds for charity and pick up the pace.
At 3 o'clock everything stops for tea,
with a china cup and a raised pinky,
Pink sunset is a shepherd's delight,
it's time for bed - nighty night.

Biscuits: Pink Panther Wafers
Tasting Notes: All colour, no substance
Score:  6 out of 10