Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Jaffa Cake or Biscuit?

It's easy to make the mistake
of thinking that this is a cake,
for years it has been debated
ever since this biscuit/cake was created.

The Jaffa's appearance will mislead
all those so keen to feed.

It's a schizoid snack
that takes us aback,
in two minds about its status
it causes a taste hiatus.

Dark chocolate leaves us reeling
whilst the orange centre is most a-peeling.

We're glad it has no VAT
and almost zero fat,
the court ruled it's a cake
but we still think it's a biscuit fake.

Biscuit: Jaffa Cake (Biscuit) 
Taste test: 8 out of 10
Cost: £1.19 from Asda, Totton.


  1. Edgy and slightly chippy - I like it. You guys have attitude!

  2. ‘Jaffa Cake, cake or biscuit?’

    One of the critical aspects of the argument was related to what happens when biscuits or cakes go stale. The court found, as anyone who has forgotten to put the lid on their biscuit tin properly will know, that when biscuits go stale they go softer. But when cakes go stale they go harder. The test was done, and when Jaffa cakes are left exposed to the air they get harder. So Jaffa cakes are definitely cakes and not biscuits.

    1. Courts do get it wrong though, don't they, maybe the air was tampered with!

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