Thursday, 14 February 2013

Biscuits We Love You

Not only is it Valentine's Day but it's also Biscuit Poetry's 1st Birthday, we wrote our very first biscuit poem exactly a year ago.

To celebrate we speed wrote a love poem to biscuits everywhere - it literally took 3 minutes, we wrote one line each and mixed them altogether (a record surely!)

Biscuits, you are all very exciting and nice,
Crunchy and crumbly,
Downfall of DIETS.
You dissolve and cloy in the crevices
and worry the dentist.
Yet small, crumbly and light
sweetened with sugar what a delight
Take a large bite - tasty!
You always turn tears into a smile
You are crunchy when hard
and gooey when soft
but I like you however you are.
Crisp and sweet you are hard to beat,
lovely and chocolatey, coconutty taste
your crunch and texture fill me up,
perfect with a cup of tea.
Oh chocolate comfort food - you make me happy.

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