Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Nude Korean Treats

Korean biscuit sticks, a food
With flavours so much more than good,
‘original’, ‘almond’ and ‘nude’
Although we do not wish to be rude.

When this blog began we did not foresee a
Day that we would eat biscuits from Korea.
They dissolve so sweetly in the mouth,
So we assume they’re from the south.

Sent from the Institute of Sejong,
On the plate they hardly lasted long.
We’d like to thank the language students there
For their gift, so generous and fair.

Three whole packets we ate in a trice.
We’re glad they were not from north of the border,
Where all they consume is a bowl of plain rice,
Where Kim and his cronies keep rigid order.

We hope they don’t follow our blog today,
And choose to send their next rocket our way.
Now we think we should end what we say
Before we get blown completely away.

Biscuit: Lotte Pepero
Taste test: 9.999 out of 10
Cost: A gift from the Institute of Sejong 

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  1. We ate Kimchee when in Korea
    It gave us dreadful diarrhoea


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