Tuesday, 21 July 2015


It's the simple things
in life that please:
sunshine, flowers,
a cool breeze.
Music, friends, dancing
and wine,
joining family - going out
to dine.

Lunchtime makes Brian happy
the 12 o'clock certainty of food
on his plate,
a sated smile - everyone's his mate.

60's music lifts Terry's spirits
shimmying with a gin & tonic
a gigantic grin,
his moves iconic.

Chocolate improves Paul's humour.
the whispered promise of a bite
a loud laugh
intimates his delight

Sunshine brightens Lee's mood
basking in the warmth of the rays,
a sun-kissed glow
Oh happy days!

Biscuit:  Deli Choc
Taste test: 7 out of 10
Cost: Buy one get one free offer (this was the free packet!)

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