Tuesday, 15 September 2015

What is beauty?

Butterflies all of a flutter
Melted butter on a crumpet
The smell of burning rubber*
Flickering embers of a bonfire
Folding back the covers of a freshly made bed
The warmth and scent of a just baked loaf
The clink of an ice cube in a single malt
Crunch of footsteps in new fallen snow
The twang of Jimmy Hendrix's guitar
Cheek to cheek with Brian the ballroom master
The velvety feel of a plush theatre seat
The late Lou Reed singing Sweet Jane

Beauty is in the ear, nose and throat of the beholder,
Our perceptions alter as we grow older,
Beauty is a personal point of view,
What you admire is up to you.......

*Karl's choice!

Biscuit: Hobnobs Choc Chip
Taste test:7 out of 10
Cost: £1.00 from Asda in Totton

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