Wednesday, 25 November 2015

#Save Headway Soton

Hong Kong bricks
remind Dean of Horlicks
perhaps they'd taste better
if we ate them with chopsticks?

Bricks and mortar are on our mind
plans to demolish our building are cruel and unkind
Suzuki's plot is not so hot,
to turn Headway's home into their parking lot.

A planning application is in
so our fight to save Headway must begin
we'll do all we can to stop it
it's people that count - not profit

Something rotten
is happening in Totton
share this post so that
Headway Soton is not forgotten.

Biscuit: Yogee Oat Bran with Chocolate (they look like bricks)
Taste test:  8 out of 10
Cost: Denis brought them back from Hong Kong

To make an objection to the planning application go to:

and click the button that says 'Make a public comment'.

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  1. Great poem and a great cause. Send it to Radio Solent to get some publicity.


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