Friday, 26 February 2016

Algorithm Poems

Algorithms to programme a computer to write a poem.

1.      Two vowels only, four lines i and e

I hide inside my mind
In icy December time
In my life I pine
I live in my secret lie.

2.      Three to five letter words, four lines

When the ship will sail
The storm will rise
And the wind will wail
And yet our love still lies

3.      Rhyme on the first word, three lines

Trains glide in and out of the station
Lanes of passengers reluctantly trudge towards the gates
Pains of Monday morning intensify as the city swallows them.

4.      Olly breaks the rules

I compute and hence
I am but don’t make sense
I only process logic
Which is tragic
My poems are dull and numb
They have lost their magic

Biscuit: Neo
Taste test:  8 out of 10
Cost:£1.19 from Lidl in Totton


  1. Fame has gone to your heads after your open mic performance at Southampton Uni.


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