Thursday, 2 June 2016

The Good Old Days?

Were the good old days
really that wonderful?
Or are false memories
causing the heartstrings to pull?

Was the music that much better?
Did the winters demand a sweater?
Were there really lots of jobs,
neighbours friendly, without dangerous dogs?
Are people now acting like drones
spending all day on their mobile phones?
Were the phones not so congested?
Were our children more seldom tested?
Did we not depend on technology,
but used our brains as they're meant to be?
Were 3 channels quite enough?
Today they're watching rubbish stuff.

Are those days we're really missing?
Or are we sentimentally reminiscing?
When our thoughts become regressive
maybe we should eat a Tuckey's digestive.

Biscuit: Tuckey's Proper Digestives
Taste test:  5 out of 10
Cost: From Waitrose in Lymington

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