Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Wish You Were Here?

Only mad dogs and English men
go out in the mid-day sun,
with hankies on their head
and tattoos on their bum.

Boiled pink lobsters
dominate the landscape,
with warm beer and rowdy cheer
I bet you wish
you were here.

Only two days to go
of the UK summer window,
perfect weather for Pokemon Go
time to fire up the BBQ
and flame grill a pikachu.

Biscuit: Chocolate Chip cookies
Taste test:  9.8 out of 10
Cost: From Lidl. 4 for £1. Thanks Anita!


  1. Anita is now a married domestic goddess.

  2. Awww lovely to see the biscuit poets!! I'm a domestic goddess in the making!!

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