Friday, 27 January 2017

Upside Down

This week we've been cast asunder,
we've gone to the land down under
the home of the aboriginials, kookaburras,
boomerangs, digereedos, spiders,
wallabies and kangaroos.
It's where Jason kissed Kylie
and everybody's smiley,
because the sun always shines
ripening the grapes that hang on the vines,
bronzing the skin of the 
Bondi Life savers
who prevent the sharks
from devouring the bathers.
Dingos, vegemite, Skippy, koalas,
if you're a Sheila or a Blue
throw a shrimp on the BBQ,
grab a tinny and head for the Outback
where Andy Murray's moping 
because he crashed out of the 
Australian Open.

Biscuit: Kooka's country cookies
Taste test: 9 out of 10

Cost: A gift from Australia - thanks Vicky


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