Tuesday, 9 May 2017

A to Z of Brain Injury

A is for aneurysm - that's mindblowing
B is for brain injury, the invisible disability
C is for cerebral cortex, our grey matter
D is for dysphasia that hampers communication
E is for emotional change and never feeling the same again
F is for forgetful, often forgetting what you want to say
G is for glial cells that glue the brain together
I is for inhibitions lost
J is for journey towards recovery
K is for knowledge, learning about brain injury
L is for long term condition
M is for memory, who am I?
N is for neurons - 100 billion in your brain
O is for occipital lobe that controls your vision
P is for personality that can change in an instant
Q is for questioning your own sanity
R is for rehabilitation of your mental situation
S is for sensory impairment, sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch
T is for temporal lobe that is all about communication
U is for uncertainty about your future
V is for victory, surviving a brain injury
X if for all the x-rays to be endured
Y is for why me?
Zzzzz is for the never ending fatigue.....

Biscuit: Kex
Taste test: 9 out of 10
Cost: £1.15 from Ikea in Southampton

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