Friday, 18 May 2018

Royal Mint Wedding

It’s less than a week to go,
Before the Windsor wedding show,
Coins will be struck at the Royal Mint
But a gold proof coin would make anyone skint!

Thomas, the bride’s estranged father
Is in a bit of a palava
He’s deciding whether he’s attending
His RSVP is still pending
Maybe he is camera shy
Or just not a family guy
Or rather than be there to give her up
He’s spending the day at the footy World Cup!

Who will lead her down the aisle,
A royal or one of us rank and file?
Who will it be who has the honour
Of escorting the Royal’s first lady of colour?
In the absence of her brother
Maybe it will be her mother,
If she’s really stuck then Prince Charles can,
As long as he’s not a Chelsea or a Man U fan!
Ed Sheeran might play the bridal tune,
Though he looks far too much like the groom!

Our biscuits, like the Royals, have a posh hint
They have a delicate taste of mint,
With a thick chocolate layer, perhaps not so healthy
And only 6 to a packet – you’ll have to be wealthy!

Biscuits: Choco Moments Mint
Tasting Notes: Delicious, but only 6 in a pack - rip off!
Score: 9 out of 10

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