Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Flour Power

All over the world
people will be whisking up a treat,
with toppings of their choice,
savour or sweet.
We'll be flipping all morning at Headway
to celebrate Pancake Day!

All you need are eggs, milk and flour,
to give our self some pancake power.
Put the mixture in the pan,
and toss it until you get a golden tan,
if it lands on the ceiling or on the floor
you'd better get mixing up some more.

Sugar and lemon is our topping of choice,
or you could say 'Crepe Suzette' in a French voice.
Ruud prefers cheese, Olly likes honey and cream,
whilst Nutella and banana is Fiona's dream.

Those who fancy a pancake flambe,
just call the fire brigade and run away.
If our concoctions fail to make you merry,
you can always contact Mary Berry.

Biscuits:All Butter fruit and oat cookies
Tasting Notes: Delicious and buttery
Score:  8.5 out of 10

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