Monday, 27 February 2012

Hob Nobbing

Homely and humble
Oaty and wheaty
Biscuit texture, crumbly to eaty
Nobbly and nutritious
Ordinary yet comforting
But if you like them tasting great, eat before the
Sell by date

P.S. Which is 07 July 2012 if you're interested.

Biscuit: Hob Nobs
Taste test: 5.5 out of 10

Cost: £1.19 from the Esso Garage, Brockenhurst


  1. Great poem! This has inspired me, not least to go and raid the biscuit tin.

  2. Have a biscuit and a good sleep and then you won't be so knackered! x

  3. But what about the essential dilemma of chocolate or not chocolate? And if so, plain or milk? Please write another poem examining this important issue.

  4. Hobnobs are one of my top biscuits and i can eat a whole packet in one go - they are actually a fantastic source of fibre and carbohydrate so thanks for reminding me about them - i'm going to go and buy some. very good and nutritous.

  5. I do like them but I find that the oaty bits get stuck in my teeth. But they do have a great name. High scores for that.


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