Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Polished Off

Paluszki, Paluszki
they're polish not ruski,
our friend Richard brought them back
he's in the RAF, an important chap.

They didn't survive the journey well,
all crumbled and broken and as stale as hell.
Soft in texture, orange in taste,
enrobed in chocolate, they were eaten post haste.

Made by Krakuski, perhaps in Krakow [pronounced Krakoff],
It didn't take long to polish them off.

Biscuit: Paluszki
Taste test: 9 out of 10
Cost: 3.75 zloty from Poland (thanks Rich)


  1. Is it fair to say that they're like a Twix with orange replacing the caramel? If so I might need a couple of Polish vodka's before sampling.

  2. The visual on the packet is very deceiving. Actually they are more like a squashed chocolate finger in shape and a jaffa cake in taste but slightly more orangey with a hint of mint. They're really quite lush and probably even nicer washed down with Polish vodka - Prost!

  3. Really loved this one! Must go and get some....and polish them off pronto.


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