Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Jack and the Biscuit Stalk

Off to the market Jack shall go
With his highland cow in tow
But Jack was too late
The market, he missed it
All he could trade Daisy for
Was Snapjack Biscuits

Home he went, feeling quite content
But his old ma she didn't relent
She threw the Snapjacks
 out into the wood
‘We don’t want these,
 they aren't any good’

The very next morning to Jack's surprise
Stood a biscuit stalk that reached the skies
Jack started to climb towards the top
To find the golden honeycomb crop
Maryland was his destination
There he’d find the golden biscuit creation

Jack ambled anxiously along the street
Fearing a giant that he might meet
Walking down that crumbly road
Jack felt the burden of his heavy load

A giant choc chip cookie man blocked his path
Jack so shocked, started to laugh
Then he jumped up quick and chomped his hand
Poor ginormous cookie man looked far less grand

'He tastes so scrumptious in my tum'
thought Jack as he gulped him down in one.
'Who wants Snapjacks from Maryland anyway?
I’d rather have their choc chip cookies any day!'

The morale of the story? Here's the facts 
These awful Snapjacks should be axed
Maryland your choc chip cookies are top notch
Focus on them, not this honeycomb hotch-potch!

Biscuit: Maryland Honeycomb Snapjacks
Taste test: 4 out of 10
Cost:  £1 from Asda in Totton

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