Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Welsh take the Biscuit

It may sound weird,
It may sound funny,
But the mixture of kiwi fruit
and manuka honey
tastes really rather scrum-my.

Out of the 'old world of Europe'
came the recipe,
from there exported
to the New Zealand Maori.

Just like the Maori people
they are made of sterner stuff,
dunk them in your tea and they'll
still stay tough.

Thanks Heavens New Zealand
weren't in the 6 Nations Cup.
England wouldn't have stood up
to the All Blacks ruck.

In the end it didn't matter
it wasn't the flippin' Haka,
we were beaten 30 points to 3
by the men from the welsh valley.

Biscuit: Aotea's Kiwi Fruit and Manuka Honey Cookies
Taste test: 9.5 out of 10
Cost:  10.40 NZ$ - Thanks Wendy and Keith x


  1. Love the 3 - valllleeeeeeeyyyyyyyy rhyme!!

    1. Well strictly speaking it should be valllleeeeyyyyssssss but we used our poetic licence AGAIN! Let's hope it doesn't get taken off us for misuse....

  2. Were they not stale having travelled all the way from NZ?

    1. No, interestingly each biscuit was in it's own individual transparent wrapper - very posh but a pain to open mark my words!


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