Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Gran Canaria's Guanchitos

To Vicky we say "gracias!"
for bringing us biscuits from Las Palmas
bought on the island of Gran Canaria
a sun drenched, beach blessed volcanic area.

Nestling off the Western Saharan Coast
it was Columbus who loved it the most
in fourteen hundred and ninety two
he anchored there with his steadfast crew

Enroute to discover the United States
Chris disembarked for R&R with ship mates.
No doubt he tasted the local galleta
the Guanchito - once bitten you'll never forget her!

Biscuit: Tirma's Guanchitos
Taste test: 8 out of 10
Cost: A gift from Vicky :)

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  1. Makes me want to go on holiday to a sun-drenched island.


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