Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Jammie Dodger Debarcle

Up until recently dodgers
have been dairy free.
Vegans have walked a-whey,
their using a petition to have their say.
Burton's claim the changes 
are out of necessity
to make them more sugar free
to fight obesity.

For half a century 
it's been the same recipe,
to alter it now is surely a travesty?
A sumptuous feast of jam and shortbread
that elicits deep joy from toes to the head.

It's a corporate decision to increase profit'
but vegans don't care 
they just want to scoff it.
Their rallying cry, to cause an affray
is 'C'mon Burton's, Get Out The Whey!'

Biscuit: Burton's Jammie Dodgers
Taste test:  9 out of 10 (at the moment!)
Cost: Gift from a fan of the old recipe

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