Friday, 14 September 2012

Fantastic Mr Fox

[We are now such firm fans of Fox's biscuits, we just can't stop writing tributes to them -  free biscuits =  free poems, take note other biscuit companies!]

Dear Mr Fox

We puzzled long and hard
when we received that brown paper box.
At first, we figured that it
was sent by a friend of Cam
that she met across a biscuit.
Then we thought it just a scam
by Jo our busy biscuit muse.

We waited quite a while
before we rummaged in the parcel.
But now we've found
your generous gift
of creams and crunch,
and a poem full of menace
from John Wood or Wilmot,
your rakish PR man.

Even Olly who really
puts the boot in
says thanks a bunch
and for you, Mr Fox,
we'll all be rooting.

The Biscuit Poets

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