Thursday, 6 September 2012

Fox's Surprise Biscwit Package

[On the 18th July we wrote a 'letter of complaint' poem about Fox's Chunkie biscuits - scroll down the blog to read it.  Shortly after we received a mystery package which sat waiting for us over the summer break - we think we must have ruffled some panda fur with our musings!]
The Surprise Package

We got a package four weeks ago
where it came from we did not know.
We sat down to open with a lift
this large, expensive brown paper gift

Peering inside we were surprised to see
a poem penned by gangland Panda Vinnie,
and a tin choc full of Fox's creams and crunches.
So many free biscuits, we won't eat our lunches

The Biscuit Poets
A barrel full of biscuits and laughs,
Fox's, you certainly don't do things by halves.
We're so sorry we sent your bakers reeling
we didn't intent to hurt their feelings

If Vinnie's gunning for us we ain't scared,
when he sends his boys we'll be prepared.
We'll duel with rhymes, with biscuits and tea,
so see you next Tuesday at nine thirty.

Vinnie's Poem 

Dear Biscuit Poets

It saddened me to read your rhyme
I chewed it over for quite sometime.

You dissed the Biscwits, you dished the dirt.
With heroic couplets, you sought to hurt

our trusty and hard-working bakers
and dedicated biscuit makers.

Maligning the folks in the kitchen
with your rantin' and your bitchin'.

Bad mouthing Fox's, that ain't good
Do I send The Boys round to your 'hood...?

They could arrange a little 'surprise'
So maybe you'll apologise

But in the meantime, accept from me
A barrel of Biscwits, completely free

Your's truly,

Vinnie. For and on behalf of Fox's


  1. Don't let them outfox you or give you the brush off with a free tin of biccies!

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