Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Why does a fig roll?

Why does a fig roll?
Because it's a biscuit.
Why does a mole live in a hole?
'Cos up a tree he'd be rather a misfit.
Why does an owl bow?
Because it's too wet too woo.
Why does a cow meow?
Because it's too purrfect to moo.

How does a gum whine?
Loudly 'cos life sucks!
How does a fish step out of line?
Quickly, desperate to avoid the ducks.
How does a foal bowl?
Awkward and skittley.
How does a fig roll?
With great difficulty.

Biscuit: Jacob's Fig Rolls
Taste test: 7 out of 10
Cost: £1.66 from www.ocado.com

1 comment:

  1. That is the worst and most unappetising photograph of an array of fig-rolls I have ever seen. Visually you have not done the biscuit justice, lyrically it is a triumph.


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