Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Toffy Pop:Trick or Treat?

On the eve of All Saints
the youth get busy with face paints,
ghosts, ghouls, goblins, warlocks,
witches and wizards run amok.
Casting spells wherever they roam,
hammering on doors to see if we're home.
Carving pumpkins, scary faced,
masked children giving chase.
Bobbing for apples, fork-in-mouth secure,
crafty and cunning the fruit to procure.
Halloween dark and sweet,
with Toffy Pops we looked for a treat.
Fake choc, cardboard base, they made us sick,
less of a treat, more of a trick!

Biscuit: Lyons Toffy Pops
Taste test: 4 out of 10
Cost: 99p from 99p Store in Lymington

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  1. Frankly I'm shocked, they look delicious from the photo.


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