Tuesday, 16 October 2012

We'd love to miss Hit biscuits

Hit biscuits hail from the Fatherland
they taste insipid and rather bland
Deutschland Deutschland uber alles
Despite their Geschmack we bear you no malice.

Angela Merkel we'll make a confession
these biscuits of yours won't solve your recession;
why not choose exports that promote your country?
like Bratwurst, Stollen, Mercedes and Audi.

No, not a hit, rather a definite miss,
we'd go so far as to boo and hiss
please stick to your Riesling, Blue Nun and beer
We don't want any of your kraut biscuits here :)

[PS No offence is meant, if taken then we repent!]

Biscuit: Bahlsen Hit
Taste test: 2 out of 10
Cost: 99p from Waitrose in Lymington


  1. You might have a lot of 'Sour Kraut's' after that post.

    1. We think not, the Deutschies have a great sense of humour (contrary to popular opinion) x


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