Thursday, 30 April 2015

The dark side of the Med

Sun, sea, sand,
the glistening blue of the Mediterranean Sea
a holiday destination for the 'oh so wealthy'
cocktails, parasols, romance and good times
hoards of tourists enjoying the sunshine

Yet that mirage masks a harsh reality
of many migrants trying to flee
the lives of atrocity and uncertainty
they face back in their own country

Where their daily existence is so hard -so grim
that they are willing to risk life and limb
by putting their faith in human trafficking
boarding unsafe ships unable to swim

1400 lives lost last week
a body count too high - too bleak
The Med is now a deep dark grave
A watery master eager to enslave

Biscuit: Want Want Seaweed Rice Crackers
Taste test: 10 out of 10
Cost: Brought back from Hong Kong (thanks Denis)

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