Thursday, 3 November 2016

Why Am I Waiting?

Why am I still waiting
for the 7:39?
Why am I still waiting?
I’ve been here for a long time.
Is it stormy weather,
or livestock on the line?
Should I wait here ‘til the rain stops
and the sun begins to shine?

I hope it’s not the Union
who have called a strike.
Perhaps they have been offered
a new deal they just don’t like.

Maybe it’s subsidence
or leaves upon the track.
Or maybe it’s the train crew,
the ones they gave the sack.

Maybe there are trespassers
walking on the rails,
or maybe trees have blocked the way
straining against the gales.

If I’m late for work again,
the second time this week,
my boss could give a warning
and my prospects might be bleak.

So why am I still waiting
for the 7:39?
Oh please, come soon,
I must resume,
This damn commute of mine.

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